How To Activate Windows 10 Pro? Check This Guide!

Windows 10 is easily one of the best versions of Windows to have launched in years. Microsoft found back the appreciation it had lost with Windows 8.1. Windows 10 has two basic versions – Home and Professional, or Pro. Windows 10 Pro has all the features as the Home version, along with few extra security features that are more useful for professionals and small businesses.

When Windows 10 was initially launched, updating was for free for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but not anymore. If you want to use the full suite of Windows 10 Pro, you need a product key. You can buy Windows 10 Pro key online, but the good news is Microsoft allows you to download and install the OS for free. In this post, we are discussing how you can buy a product key and how to activate Windows 10 Pro.

Where to buy product key for Windows 10 Pro?

Microsoft offers Windows 10 Pro keys for sale, but the price is always on the higher side. If you are looking for a discount, check online for third-party vendors, who deal directly with resellers and buy in bulk. These vendors, in turn, offer keys at a much lower price. You can make the payment, following which the key will be sent on email. Note that a product key for Windows 10 Pro will only work for the Pro version, and not the Home edition. Make sure that you buy the right key, and yes, one key can be used for one system only.

Activating Windows 10 Pro

To activate Windows 10 Pro, go to Settings section in your computer. Select the option of ‘Update & Security’. If your version of Windows is not activated, you will find a tab for ‘Activation’ on the left side of the screen. Select the option ‘Change Product Key’ and add your new key that you have purchased. The process is as simple as that. Note that activating Windows 10 Pro is a onetime process, and once that’s done, you can expect to get all updates from Microsoft for free.

Final word

Windows 10 Pro is a nice edition that promises to ensure adequate security for professional needs, and we recommend that you activate your version to make the most of features on offer. You can check online to get Windows 10 Pro product key at the right price, as mentioned earlier.

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