How to Create a Successful Blog in 2020

Do you love reading blogs? Is there a particular favourite blog of yours that you subscribe to and always make a point of reading whenever the author posts a brand-new blog post? Have you thought about starting your own blog? With the right level of support from digital marketing agencies, your business could soon benefit from regular blog posts (for both SEO purposes and for engaging with your customers).

It is a rarity for a new blog to be an instant hit, especially with the sheer amount of choice on the Internet. Despite this, many people find a love for writing that can be fulfilled by posting a regular blog post about their daily lives, their business, or something that they are an expert on. If you are looking to start a blog for your business, you should always begin from a position of authority and genuine love of writing, and the success will follow if you choose your path wisely.

Your blogging strategy for the year ahead should always include a budget as a starting point. There is no point committing to creating a blog if you are not willing to count is as part of your marketing expenditure. With a real budget, it will be treated as a worthy task. From that starting point you can figure out whether you want your blog to be a standalone website or attached to your business site. You can also decide whether you want to pay your employees to write about topics they are experts in, as part of their daily tasks, or whether you hire external writers to write blog posts on your behalf.

The next step is to define your target audience and work out the best ways in which to engage with them, but also how best to reach them. Your content should have a call to action, but primarily it should be interesting to read for your target audience, with actionable content that provides solutions to the needs of your audience and helps them to figure out how you can help them.

Whatever topics you write about on your blog, the message should be clear, and brand consistency is key to build up a relationship with your readers defined by trust. Your readers should become your customers, and they should know they are reading your brand blog post even if they haven’t seen the author. The message should be clear, and the posts written with clear intent – do you want the reader numbers to increase? Do you want a certain percentage of readers clicking through to your site? Is there some other form of measurement you want to use to define the success of the blog?

For those businesses weighing up the pros and cons of starting a blog, you should always look for the assistance of a specialist digital marketing agency. With the right level of expertise you can learn about what topics you should be writing about, how you can best approach both the on-page and off-page SEO of a post and a site to reach your target audience and improve your search rankings, and stay excited and have fun whilst writing. Blog posts are always best when written with authority and when regularly produced and published, so think of it as a slow-burn, long-term project that will add value to your online presence as a business.

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