How to Effectively Drive Traffic to your Website

We live in a digital age, of that there is no doubt, and with a rapid pace of development, the World Wide Web is gradually integrating itself into our lives. If you run a shopping cart website, you will obviously want your share of the global market, and that’s where an SEO firm comes in. Search engine optimisation is the art of improving a website’s ranking when certain keywords are used in a search, and every business can benefit from that.

Search Engine Listings

Any business owner can carry out a quick online test to determine how their website is listed by simply typing the relevant key words into a search engine’s window and clicking on the “search” button. Within a fraction of a second, you will receive 250,000 results, and if your website is not in the first 50 results, you have no chance of making a sale through an online search. Of course, the ideal place to be is on the very first page of search results, which would offer the user 10 websites, and if your site is not visible, this is something you need to change. Talking to an established SEO company (called บริษัท SEO in Thai) is the first step to driving more traffic to your site, and an online search will take you to a local SEO provider’s website.

Social Media

If you thought that social media was a platform for teenagers and bored housewives, think again, as social media sites account for a large portion of online sales. Creating accounts with giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is definitely recommended, and with regular posting of high-quality content, you will soon develop a large following, and whether you facilitate sales through your social media account, or link them to your website, social media platforms are a very powerful tool that you simply can’t afford to ignore.

Outreach Blogging

This is another strategy employed by the SEO specialist, and it involves having numerous articles relating to your industry written by professional web content writers, and all the blogs will have links to your website inserted. These articles are then posted on independent blog sites, and when a reader finds interesting information, they might click on a link and that will direct them to your company website. The more articles you post, the better your chances of traffic increase, and you want the articles posted on a blog site that has very high viewing numbers, which maximises your chances of increased site traffic, This type of service is often available from companies that offer white label link building to their clients to build the authority of their website.

While it is a primary goal to drive visitors to the target website, you must also implement effective strategies to persuade the visitor to make a purchase. A “call to action”, as it known in the SEO industry, would be a button with a message like, “Lean More”, or “Order Now”, and if these are well-placed, you are encouraging visitors to make a commitment.

The art of SEO is indeed very complex, and the process would always begin with an independent audit of the client’s online presence, after which recommendations can be made.

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