Reply’s Email Finder – An Easy and Quick Tool for Finding Emails from LinkedIn in Bulk

For a new salesperson who is also a beginner LinkedIn user, finding someone’s email address might be a challenging job that takes an unreasonable amount of time and effort. And when such a salesperson is tasked with navigating the platform to compile a list of 1000+ email addresses of prospects to be included in a cold email outreach campaign, things can seem overwhelmingly difficult and unmanageable.

To avoid wasting hours or even days on something that could be accomplished within minutes, make sure you know what different methods exist to extract emails from LinkedIn, and do not hesitate to invest in the right tools that will let you get the work done quickly and effectively, freeing up much-needed time for selling and nurturing your leads.

2 Best Ways to Extract Email Addresses from LinkedIn

Finding anyone’s contact on LinkedIn should not take you more than ten minutes. Depending on whether it is a single person’s contact information or the details of hundreds of prospects you are looking for, one of the following methods might come in very handy.

  • When You Are Looking for a Single Email Address

When prospecting on LinkedIn, the most important thing to know is where the person’s contact details can be hidden. Being aware of all the places to look in will save you a ton of time and might spare you the need to resort to more advanced search methods. So, the most obvious (but frequently overlooked) spots to check are the ‘Contact info’ portion, which is located just below the headline, the banner image, and the bio section of the profile.

If your thorough search of these locations turns empty-handed, it is time to change your tactics. The next steps would be making the prospect your first-degree connection, sending them a private message, or using a specialized email verification tool when trying to guess someone’s email address format based on what you know about them.

  • When You Are Looking for Email Addresses in Bulk

The previous recommendations might work when trying to find a single email address. However, for a bulk email campaign, following the steps described above would take ages. The most optimal way of finding emails from linkedin available today is using a dedicated Chrome extension like Reply’s LinkedIn Email Finder and Outreach extension. Reply is an excellent email extractor tool that lets you facilitate the process of finding the prospect’s contact information and greatly automate sales outreach.

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