Six Workplace Practices That Everyone Must Follow Post Lockdown

The lockdown was a tough phase for all and it took its toll on many organizations. Now, these organizations are struggling to retain the places they were at when the world was not affected by the virus. For that, they are trying to use every strategy available and their search has no end because there is just too much information which might not be useful at all. Therefore, we have collected some of the best tips which can be used at a workplace like the hybrid workforce method. Hybrid workforce meaning would be further explained, but first let’s see what those amazing seven practices are!

  • Sanitization of Workplace – It does not matter whether you are working from home or from offices, the sanitization of your workplace must be done on a regular basis so that the chances of any probable infections are reduced. The virus is highly contagious in nature and that is why it must be taken very seriously. Sanitization of workplace is a great method to deal with the virus as it will not just keep the infections at bay, it will also ensure the overall hygiene of the office.
  • Transportation – The arrangement of a safe transport medium should be done by the organizations for their employees if they are being asked to work from offices. The vehicles used for commuting must be sanitized on a regular basis as well so that the risk of those traveling by it getting infected gets lowered by a huge margin. Apart from that, arranging a transport medium for your employees shows that you care for them and its impact is going to get reflected in their output. Therefore, you must make provision of a vehicle which can take them to the offices without putting them at risk.
  • Talking About Something Other Than Work – Offices are meant for work and every task assigned there must be taken seriously but apart from the ever-present seriousness in the office, it is important to lighten up the mood a bit so that the employees can feel a bit more energetic. Researches and surveys have shown that informal chat sessions at workplace have increased the productivity by manifolds as it allows the workers to unload what is on their minds and therefore plays an important role in the improvement of their mental health so that they do not get burned out.
  • Cut Down The Official Tours – The pandemic has still not left us and it is going to haunt the world for a long time. It would be unwise of the organizations to organize a lot of official visits to random countries and putting the lives of their employees at risk. The official tour and travel must be reduced so that the workers can be safe wherever they are. If there is an urgent need for the travel, then it must be made sure that all the safety guidelines are followed with due sincerity and responsibility.
  • Emergency Corona Virus Response Team – Assembling an emergency corona virus response team must be done because if anyone in the office gets infected by the virus, then it would cause a huge problem to the rest of the team. An emergency corona virus response team must have a doctor, a tester, a nurse and an ambulance which can react to the occurrence of any anomaly in the office. The response team must be made up of experts who know how to deal with a corona virus situation. Making this arrangement possible would work big time for the safety of your employees as well as yours.
  • Introduce Hybrid Work Model – Introduction of hybrid work model can be done as a great tool to deal with the corona virus situation as it asks a team to be at the office and the other team to work from home. The minimization of interaction caused due to this model has reduced the number of infections and possible health risks by a huge margin. Also, the productivity of the organizations has seen a great jump upon the implementation of this work model. Therefore, this model must be implemented at least once to know how advantageous it is.

Apart from the workplace practices mentioned above, it is important that we understand the importance of hybrid work schedule which happens to be one of the best strategies to increase the overall of an organization by dividing the work into two teams – an onsite team and the offsite team. While the onsite team works from office, the offsite does so from the comfort of their homes. If you think that a hybrid work model is not feasible for you, you can try any of the above mentioned practices to see a positive bend in the curve of productivity of your organizations.

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