Things to Know About Incorporating Robotic Parking Systems

Is there someone out there, who never experienced stress because you cannot find a space to keep your vehicle when you are in the shopping centers, workplace or other public places? I know how it feels when your time is wasted roaming from one floor to another just to look for an available lot. But we cannot really stop people from using their own vehicles because it is more convenient to drive on your own. However, this car park is always a problem in most countries, especially in the large and populated cities.

Because of this concern, IT experts developed automated and robotic parking systems as a solution. Have you ever thought about going to parking lots, where you do not have to worry about your car again? Well, this is what the advanced technology can do today and in the future generations to come.

The APS like Amano Mcgann Parking, is actually an innovation that everybody should learn to accept. However, there will always be a risk in such technological advancements. That’s why the use of this system must be considered greatly. And of course, there must be public awareness before the incorporating this APS in one city or country. The government cannot simply allow the installation of this application without further studies and research. As a commoner, we are the ones to receive this benefit, so let’s get to know more about this technology.

What about APS?

An APS or Automated Parking System is a mechanical method is a technology that will change and enhance the conventional way to an advanced one. It also aims at providing a multi-level and a vertical stacking lots to maximize the car park area. Indeed, the success rate of the multi-level method is high because huge space are wasted in most areas.

You should know that IT developers as well as architects and automobile engineers have invested so much time, in making this technology into a commercial and an industrial scheme that will suit the needs of a city. The facility will be used in various spaces in the office, apartments, hotels and shopping centers. Go here for additional reading on APS.

How it works

We only have two major concerns when it comes to the application of this innovation. First, you have to know the procedure or steps on how your car will be parked in its designated slot. Guests or foreign visitors, who usually rent automobiles must be informed, too. The second thing that you must also learn is on how you are going to retrieve your vehicle. Everything is automated, that’s why users must be properly informed to avoid confusions.

Basically, you have to drive your own automobile into the garage or terminal, where the automated system is installed. This is a special area, where the sensors are used. Through this equipment, proper positioning of the auto will be ensured. When your vehicle has already secured its position in the terminal, you may leave it and make sure that it is locked. There would also be a programmed machine for picking, lifting and placing the vehicle on a shelf. Remember that you do not need to drive and find a space because this will be automated.

Do not forget that you need to claim a card for retrieving it. Now, when retrieving your automobile from the garage, use the card on the kiosk. Here, you can see the exact location of your car because it will be displayed on the screen. After that, it will be delivered to the terminal via the robotic parking system. And then, you may leave the terminal. Check to learn more about how this technology works.

Modules Used in APS

Our IT experts have used various components of this innovation to work. It is classified into 4 modules – robot, entrance, elevator and control.

In the Robot Module, the shuttle as well as transporter are combined. For the Entrance Module, they used 2 systems – car measurement and turn plate. Here, there is an entrance box, which may have a rectangular or a round type. We also have the Elevator Module, which takes care of elevating the vehicle.

Since this is computerized, there would be a component that will serve as the mind of this technology and that is the Control Module. It includes the hardware and software as well as other automatic features like the washing station.


When it comes to saving space, it is very useful compared to the conventional method. You do not need to spend too much in excavating spaces. It would be more affordable because less construction materials will be used. Indeed, it is more efficient because less space is needed. This means that there would still be enough spots left for more parking lots and additional features like washing stations as well as green spaces, to be installed.

Another good thing that is considered is that, the terminal can be installed in areas, where the conventional method does not fit. Is this how innovation enables a city’s urban architecture? It is true that this area is set for advanced facility, auto-related incidents will be eliminated. Therefore, it is safe for everybody and secured for automobiles, too. Lastly, you will experience a substantial reduction of noise and CO2 emission.


It is true that this innovative technology would be very useful and efficient in different cities or countries, where its potential was seen. In fact a lot of individuals, who drives their own vehicles approves the installation of the terminals. However, there are also those who are against it because of its limitations and issues that APS has to face or had been facing.

First of all, a lot of people find it confusing, especially to those individuals, who are not used to it or unfamiliar with computerized systems. Next, it is not also applicable to some spots like theatres or stadiums, where the volume is too high. Lastly, there are also construction issues that concern the spaces in the buildings.

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