Trendy and Amazing Navigation Menu Styles

Navigation bar helps visitors go from one web page to another or the content they wish to find. A website without navigation bar cannot be imagined. There always is a link cluster existing on the web page. The placement of it depends on the kind of user interface used.

Trendy and amazing navigation menus

Interactive navigation

There are static scenes, interactive videos, and virtual talks spiced with realistic features that catch the eye. User’s get to know that the website holds lots of impressive, intricate and engaging content even if it suffers from non-compatibility with browsers and devices.

Sidebar static navigation

It is in the market for several years but is preferred as it offers sleek and compact solution. Therefore, you will see them on online blogs and magazines. Users feel comfy using this menu as all links are accessible on fingertips. It is also called vertical navigation and positioned on left side of the page. It is often used as second button bar.

Parallax powered navigation

Graphic based simple and plain navigation. Circles accompany titles that help viewers not to wander around.

Hamburger menu

When corporate needs to position all navigation menus on a single page then hamburger navigation is top choice. It is referred to as dynamic, stylish, subtle, and mobile friendly. It grabs attention and offers techno vibe to the dominant web page.

Centered layout navigation

Lots of free space is got to maneuver because navigation is scattered around welcome section circumference, offering fresh look. It even has its drawback because it includes only four specific items.

Multimedia based menu

Images and videos are used as supportive visual aid in menu links. Due to modern technology plenty of multimedia can be incorporated without sacrificing accessibility, functionality and productivity. It includes footer navigation and hamburger buttons, so the whole site looks visually appealing and intriguing.

Huge drop-down menu

Multinational e-stores, sports and newspaper industry are some example that can take advantage of this huge drop-down menu. The menu extends across the entire screen breadth and is multi-functional. It can balance texts, videos, images or shopping cart. Drop down menu covers variety of information as well as loads page fast.

Footer navigation

It is traditionally popular as streamlined bar. It is placed the web page’s bottom and users need to scroll down, so is called footer navigation.

Options are many ranging from navigation that disappear to navigation which follows around. Experiment with several to find out which trendy style is effective for your website setup.

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