Windows 10 Pro: The Ultimate System for Professional Working!

Microsoft happens to be one of the renowned brands to provide for software and application solutions to people worldwide. With its Windows operating system it brought about a revolution. And setting forth its benchmarks, the company launched its new versions the Windows 10 that came in several variants targeting the different sections of society.

Windows 10 Home as the uniform operating system for individuals and homes, Windows 10 S for the students and Windows 10 Pro for the professionals. Windows 10 pro is making quite a change in the work scenario today with its exceptional working and applications that bring ease to the professionals in the modern era. Buy windows 10 Product key for the advanced features brought and operate your business from anywhere. Here are some features outlined!

Applications and softwares

The Windows 10 pro comes with its unique set of tools and software that aid the professionals in their work. These include specialized app like Evernote, ShareApp, new version of office tools etc. These come handy for the professions of different kinds like writers, business executives, travel bloggers and more. The professionals can make use of these applications to fasten their calculation, ease their working and save data in desired formats. Its exceptionally easy to work with and promotes smooth working.


Bitlocker is a special protective system inspired by Blockchain to save the files and folders in encrypted form. The professionals can use it to save the folders in a locked format where the access is made only by the people authorized. Therefore the critical information and confidential files are always put as confidential without any hazard of it getting leaked, stolen etc.

Cloud connectivity

Cloud connectivity has become common to people who work across globally. Through cloud connectivity two people from different locations can work on the same document simultaneously. This aids faster processing of data, transparency and easier communication of work.

Remote desktop access

Remote desktop access is one of the best features with Windows 10 Pro. This brings in the aid of extracting information from a connected PC through another remote desktop. This happens with the help of Microsoft Windows personal assistant folder where the files to be used for remote desktop access can be saved separately.


In line with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Windows has brought Cortana the virtual assistant to carry out multiple processes in a system. Professionals can command Cortana while working simultaneously to play music, make a search, change a file name and more when working on the system.

Windows 10 Pro key activated the single-licensed Windows 10 Pro system to install it on the computer. It is an investment for the professionals they will benefit heavily from!

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